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                               SEEING IS


                               SPECLAB® SHOWS HOW OUR FANS

                               WILL PERFORM IN YOUR SPACE.

                               When you invest in your people’s comfo , you expect to
                               see results. With our patent-pending SpecLab so ware,

                               Big Ass Fans lets you preview exactly how our fans will
                               transform the comfo  of your space.

                               Using computational  uid dynamics (CFD) and

                               proprietary ai low data collected at our one-of-a-kind
                               research facility, SpecLab con gures complex layouts—

                               complete with interior walls, equipment, and other
                               structural elements that impact ai low—and runs

                               precise simulations of our fans’ pe ormance in an                                                                                                                                Generate data-backed
                               immersive 3D environment.                                                                                                                                                        ai low predictions for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                any facility con guration

                               A SpecLab repo  is the pe ect complement to a custom

                               solution from a Big Ass Fans expe , giving you the
                               con dence that your investment will pay dividends.

                               Contact us today for your free SpecLab repo  and

                               custom ai low analysis.

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